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RuneScape XP p/Hour Calculator

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Find the amount of XP per hour on Runescape in seconds! Not only will you discover how much you make per hour, but you will also discover how much xp you make in a interval; how many hours you have till 99 based off your current XP and XP p/hour rate as-well-as see how much XP you have left till 99. This Application includes a feature to change the theme color of the app. You may choose from over 255 different colors! (defaulted to: ghost white) 

Alarm Clock

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Set an alarm right from your desktop. There isn't even a need for internet connection. With 'Alarm Clock' you can set an alarm to go off at any moment of the day, with a complete built-in alarm sound effect. There is even a setting in options that lets you choose from over 265 different colors for the alarm clock numbers. (defaulted to: green) 

Tip Finder


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Calculate how much a tip should be in seconds.